Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time to Impress Your Boss

Handling Mistakes

The best way to make up for your mistakes is to fix the problem and quickly move on. Do not CRY! There is an old movie line by actor Tom Hanks where he coached an all women baseball team he said, "THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!". He was right because once you cry you show your weakness and you open yourself up to be manhandled by your co-workers. Famous fashion publicist, Kelly Cutrone of the Peoples Revolution has firmly banned crying from her office in NYC. In her latest book, "If You Cry, Go Outside", she candidly describes the notion of crying by keeping it outside the office and let it out to all your friends, but do not disturb or distract herself and the rest of the office who are here to make money and be serious.

I acknowledge her tough, stern actions because in order to be respected in the business world you have to show toughness and your team needs to show that toughness as well. In order for women to acquire equal rights in the workplace they need to start acting like equals. That is absolutely no crying. Ms. Kelly Cutrone adds to this point by saying, "once you enter the workplace, you are surrounded by grown-ups, not friends. Your boss is not your friend nor your therapist. Your boss is a person who is paying you to do a job."

Show Respect No Matter What

Your boss is a human being and he or she deserves respect. You can extend your respect by showing compassion for their stressful work days through providing a treat. Don't be afraid to ask your boss if they would like a cup of coffee or something else to drink if you are on your way to get a drink or lunch. She or he will remember you for your good actions. Unfortunately, lower level employees do not see it this way. They think their boss has made it and has it easy compared to everyone else. If your boss is still working, it is because they have not made it.

Gossip Girl Equals Ticket to Getting Fired

Avoid posting things online about yourself or other people particularly social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You have to assume that if you can read someone elses postings they can read yours. Simply, don't do anything outrageously stupid. Young employees today fail to understand that they are not in high school or college anymore and try to set out to re-create their family and college-friend relationships.

The Lesson

The better you are at work and in in your relationships the more successful you will be and feel. Unfortunately with every succes comes enemies adn/or envy amongst certain co-workers. When certain people see you happy and successful, they feel jealous and create disturbed feelings towards you. Beware of these people and those that want to set you up for failure. It is a harsh pill to swallow, but it is important for you to live your life than to be worried on what other people say or think about you.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Would you be my Valentine": Tips on how to make it an Unforgettable Day!

"Be my, be my little baby", those uttered words are memorable in the Motown music days but we all want a special person to "be our valentine" on Valentines Day. We want someone to remind us how cute love can be amazing all over again through gifts, guilty pleasures, and that song playing in the background from the Disney cartoon "The Lady and the Tramp". So ladies! Cross your fingers and hope that your hubbies have done their homework and are ready to surprise you on this special day. Here are a few tips on how to make the day come naturally and remind your hubbies to NOT go overboard! Forgive us ladies, but we get too excited or nervous, sometimes both!

Our First- It is good to remind yourself of your first time. Your first kiss, first meal, or even first date. Walk down memory lane and dine at the first place of your first date. If the place is far away or nonexistent, dine in get on comfy clothes and make it a movie night.

Have a portrait drawn- An artist can hand paint a duplicate of a photo of your special one. This is a great gift because you made that extra effort to personalize an image of your special one.

Create a gift basket- This is very special because you took the time to think of what favorite things your special person likes and organized them neatly in a basket. It could be anything DVD movies, candy, wine, ornaments, etc.

Time for a Scavnger Hunt- What is a special day without the surprises? Make each other work for your Valentines Day gift. Gather your special ones favorite items from fragrances, novelties, candies, DVD's and hide them at the place you plan to celebrate Valentines Day or simply at home.

--drumrole-- "A day at the Spa" - If your man truly appreciates you and has done his homework, he will present to you admission to a day at the spa. You need it!

Good luck ladies!
Happy Valentines Day to all!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do Professional Women Lose Confidence in their Abilities during Motherhood?

New moms may find discrepancies by the roles they transition from college graduate, to career woman, to fianceee, to wife, and to motherhood. These identity shifts may cause stress and overwhelming snesation on how not too loose "control" of the things they used to before motherhood and as a career woman. There are mixed perceptions that a new mom's worth is less when she has a baby. These women should not for any reason. This may only be true in numbers of she completely left her company she worked with before her pregnancy. A percentage of new moms have been relying on freelancer/consultant jobs because of the flexibility these jobs provide. These moms have new responsibilites now and I do not believe new moms perceive themselves worth less and loosing their drive to demand more back in the business world. The tables turn when you have children. You need more time for them and everything else on your schedule. These new moms need to tackle this avalanche of new responsibilities as a mom and they seek help by finding that "balance". What are your suggestions?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Timing Is Everything

When time is your enemy, the last feeling you want is that you did not accomplish everything or something. To balance out your work schedule and your time for you, here are some suggestions on when to find time for everything. We mean timing it right.

For the Job Hunter, you are better off scheduling interviews between 10am and 11am. You are sharper and better able to handle stressful situations because your body temperature has surged by this time. Your looks are much better as well because the overnight water retention that puffs out your face has disappeared. In terms of the person who is interviewing you, they are over the morning crankiness and are not craving food because they will be focused on finding the right candidate for the job.

For the much needed massage, it would be best to sooth your muscles between noon and 3pm. Skin is more relaxed and touchy receptive during this time because your body is producing less histamine- a natural chemical that can make skin itchy and irritated. The soothing relaxation of your massage is at its most enjoyable moment and you are unlikely to end up red and splotchy.

For the Happy Hour gal in you, here is the opportunity to meet a new guy afterwork between 5pm and 7pm. You know why? Optimism and energy are skyrocketing during this time. Get control of the situation and have fewer predate jitters. Just throw those out the window!

For the thinker in you, the best time to brainstorm new ideas are between 8pm and 9pm. Your creative juices are flowing and you have less distractions so this is the perfect time to spring up new ideas or reorganizing the new wardrobe for the following workdays.

Walk the Walk Has Never Looked So Sexy and Successful

Is there a certain walk that turns heads at work and when you are out? Researchers from Queen’s University in Canada recently had men rate different female gaits and discovered one particular straut which attracts men. How do you explain this captivating moment? Dr. Helen Fisher, Phd, author of Why Him? Why Her?, explains “Women have developed ways to get a man’s attention as we have evolved, the walk is one of them.”

There are certain traits to be considered as The Walk, which resembles the single female woman of Victoria secret model strut. The strut of course! Your head is up, shoulders are back, and you lead with your boobs. Your arms swing loosely back and forth while your hips swivel from side to side. You will need to practice to make it your go to gait. Best way to remember “Shoulders,hips,heels…” Put most of your weight on your heels. You’ll thank us once you master it.

The results are a walk which has your body in symmetrical alignment and rhythmic movements which sends a message to onlookers that you are in touch and in control of your body. This also assumes you are in control of your life.

Try The Walk at work. How does it work, you ask? Besides making you look hotter, you feel sexier, and more confident. It transfers into your mind. The more often you use The Walk the more convinced your mind gets that you do feel sexy and confident. Show off Your Walk and use it defiantly.

Its Time for a Raise

There comes a point in our early careers, say after three or four years, that we take a step back and try to figure out where our career is taking us and where do you want to be. Most importantly, the price tag you deserve for your hard work should be well rewarded. Right? How do you ask for a raise? Is it such a sensitive issue to talk about to your boss? In reality, during a recession, it is uncommon to ask for a raise and will lead you to be stuck in a financial rut. No need to despair. You need to plan and start making yourself valuable. Time is Money. Take on some of our suggestions on how to go about it.

Set the time and Mood

Your hear that your company has increased its sales department and increasing revenue with repeat business. Were you part of this success? If so, prepare to ask the question to your boss within a month after the big company success. Lois Frankel, PhD, author of See Jane Lead suggest you to go for it. Better profits means better moods for your boss. You should find out when your boss submits his/her annual budget for next year and broach the topic a few months beforehand. This is for the reason to give your boss enough time to figure out where the extra money is going to come from to pay you.

Another opportunity would be when you get a job offer or are approached by a recruiter from another company. You then, approach your boss with this option for him or her to see that you are demanding. We suggest you say: “I want you to know that an appealing opportunity has come up, but I love working here and would like to stay. Is there any way you can make my salary a little more competitive?”

Outline Your Strengths

You have to let your boss know that you are making a job much easier with you carrying on this extra bonus. The tactic is to come off as an asset that will be a nightmare without you around. List the clients who have raved about your work. Point out your latest achievements and how much responsibility you took on.

Maintain a Friendly Environment

A recent Harvard study discovered that male and female bosses were less inclined to work with a woman who demanded a pay boost because it came off overly aggressive, says study author Hannah Riley Bowles, an assistant professor at Harvard Kennedy School. Bowles found out that women who took the softer approach and explained why they wanted the raise did not have the same problem. We suggest finishing your opened conversation of job strengths with “Given my contributions, I’d like to discuss my prospects for getting a raise. What do you think?” Since this asks your boss’ opinion, it shows you have respect for your boss.

Put yourself a Price Tag

After giving your convincing point, the response from your boss will inevitably be this: “How much were you hoping for?” Avoid saying “Whatever you can manage” or else you will always be low-balled. Instead, come prepared with a double figure. Some useful sites to research your double figure would be looking at Salary.com and Glassdoor.com to get an idea of what other people on your level are making. The standard raise is 5 to 10 percent. If you seek more, why not? You enter a situation where your convincing approach must prove your responsibilities have grown significantly since you were hired. Once you get what you deserve, remember to send a thank-you note to the best boss