Monday, January 31, 2011

Where is the luxury in the Recession?

In a recent research on the luxury market. We have come up with a few questions you might be wondering with the luxury market in the recession or "hard times". Are luxury people loosing money or do they ride high in any economy? Read on and see if you get the jitters of longing to be wealthy some day. Maybe for a week, a month, or a liftime.

Sergi Shoes, Why is the luxury market important?

"The luxury market represents the highest quality. It defines great design, craftsmanship, quality, and a lasting value to certain products. Luxury is not just about being trendy, but having the aesthetic components to become a pedigree which will last hundreds of years. The idea behind a modestly priced item is that you buy for the long-term which in return saves you from buying excess products. For example, if you talk about products made out of plastics, these products will be timeless because a material like plastic will last you a tong time. As far as luxury in fashionable shoes, black pumps are considered classic and have survived the test of time because it has a certain design and aesthetic which can be altered, but remains a timeless product. For instance, leather products and accessories have a high value to them. Leather defines its products by the strength and resilient of the material. You can wear leather products at work while still be able to feel and look sharp later that day at a dinner or special event."

Sergi Shoes, Where do you see the luxury market going? Will it continue to thrive?

"It will continue to grow. Typically, the luxury market does better in boom years and the regular economy follows. In a recession, which includes the past recession we have just had, the luxury market underforms. The catalyst to the growth in the luxury market will be the human psychological value. This is comprised of the need to have a symbolic value and functional value towards each humans own characteristics. Trends in the luxury market has and will continue to be highly dependent on this concept. You should also know the luxury market has been and will be based on two things: women and browns. When a brand has products devoted to these two things they have acheived the demanding market for continued success. The way you treat your customers has a direct reflect on how good your sales are performing year in and year out. The principle of great service will be part of a brands future success. The way brands treat their customers will decide whether the same people who walked in the first time will remember you the second time around. People want great service. Simple as that. When great service is acheived you create a certain relationship between the brand and the customers. This relationship is hoped to be transfered into a long-term relationship which creates sales connectivity and most importantly, an increase in repeat business. For a brand to establish itself as a brand they need to understand that people matter tremendously and you need to treat your customers well to grow as a brand."

Sergi Shoes, Can luxury brands from all sectors keep competing? Will some disappear or others take control?

"Customers of big brands will continue to buy through a recession. The popular and well known brands will continue to exist during a recession. What we have seen most often in a recession is that new brands appear and innovation shows up more often than other economic times. Unfortunately, these new brands have difficulty securing funding capital and are forced to leave the market completely which also hurts the growth of innovation in these new brands. Innovation is what we want to see nowadays come out of a recession. Luxury is not dead and it will not die. There will always be a market for luxury brands. Small brands are vulnerable in a recession because of the lack of capital available and customers are hard to come by as they tighten up their belts and spend only on what they need not what they can splurge on."

Sergi Shoes, What do brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Harley Davidson, and Mercedes Benz need to do to continue their success?

"When you talk about Premium Brands or High Premium Brands customers expect a certain combination of classic and contemporary looks versatility in new designs. Take for instance Tommy Hilfiger, this brand has been able to offer their customers timeless products for diverse functions whether it be something to wear for the office, as a leisure, or for activity use. This goes back to the point I made about plastics, which is a product that will last long. These brands stick to manufacturing products that are timeless and are limited in manufacturing."

Sergi Shoes, Should luxury brands always give customers what they want? Is the customer always right?

"Brands should be conscience on what they are selling. You have to take into account the people who you want to buy your products. The luxury market needs to provide its customers with more irreverant designers. The Jackson Pollocks who push the envelope in design and create evocative products. We need more room in the market for these types of designers. If you look at the arts and sciences, you can see that more brands are more mainstream. In luxury brands the concept is different. This indifference supports the importance of feedback from supplies optimize visual models."

Sergi Shoes, Do you think the luxury market will save the economy?

"Absolutely not. The luxury market only accounts for 5 percent of the economy as a whole. What will save the economy are boosting healthcare, manufacturing, and most importantly, jobs. There needs to be the availability of jobs for collective citizens. In order for jobs to be productive there needs to be a mix of job security, enough money people can make to earn a living, enough money people can save for the future and enough money to spend so they can splurge on. There also needs to be enough jobs for the young professional market in order for them to spend on at a higher rate. As the young professional market spends, they will define the style and productivity of current and future brands."

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Touch Up Your Elegance

Try these fragrances from top brands and are sure to make you feel invigorated.

Romance by Ralph Lauren

This is a great buy because you will enjoy the sensual mix of lime and woods. Mostly inspired by nature smells. Perfect because not too rough or light. In one word, SENSUAL!

0.34 ounce = $20.00
1 ounce = $45.00

Beyonce Heat

Get Beyonce'd! The workaholic singer/songwriter has come out with her first fragrance which exudes an impact sense of fruity, watermelon smell buds. A definite night on the town type of fragrance! Available at and

1.7 ounces = $49.00
3.4 ounces = $59.00

Pre-Spring Collection 2011

Pre-Spring Collection 2011. Let us know your top 6 styles and comment why you like them. Happy Footmusing day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stuffing your bra may save the planet! Chopstick bra to the Rescue

Call it innovation or a fast take out meal. A Japanese lingerie maker has created a bra with renewable chopsticks that can be tucked in your bra. I'll have a bra meal and chopsticks-to-go please! The bra called "My Chopsticks Bra" was promoted in Tokyo by Triumph International Japan in order to tap into the eco-friendly market. The bra comes with a complete dining set. The left cup comes with a miso soup bowl, the right cup with a rice bowl, and reusable chopstick that are tucked on the sides of the cups (right under your armpit) to give you that extra "push up". The Japanese company is no stranger to these far out bras. They have also designed bras that can be turned into a clothing shopping bag or microwaveable in order to preheat them for that comfortable warm wear. The bra may not be jumping off racks as they are not for sale, but they do provide a sense of whacky designs to leave a tasty feeling in you. The designers have tried to keep it fashionable with the bright colors and floral design on the straps with thin string bows. In a dating sense, I don't think guys will find it sexy to know your bra is a platter to feast on. To all the ladies, I would find it to be difficult to prevent yourself from spilling the soup. Wearing a bra should not be an uncomfortable feeling on how you smell like food left in your bra. I recommend to stick to Victoria Secret bras in the "push up" section and not worry about cleaning that food grease from your bra.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Golden Globes 2011: Running late or running a statement?

The Golden Globes were the first major Hollywood Awards show of the new year. There were many celebrities showing off their new baby pumps for moms to be, others looked stunning while others were simply, plainly "outrages" with their wardrobe.

Example A:

HELENA Bonham Carter, the actress who plays alongside actor Colin Firth in "The Kings Speech" decided to standout by wearing two different colored shoes. The style was kept classy, mary jane low heeled pump with satin uppers. A red shoe and green shoe? What is this a Christmas (holiday) party? Her footwear plans fell through the cracks. Good choice to feel comfy through the award show and maybe the afterparty. In a celebrity seen, I am sure you can hire a stylist to give you pointers, or better yet go to one of our SHoe fans at Shoe smitten, Cat in Heels, Sexy Shoes, or even here at Sergi Shoes and get an idea on how to pick shoes for a big time celebrity award show. Ladies, won't you agree?

Now we can’t say we’re surprised the actress – who is married to film director Tim Burton – turned up in a controversial outfit at such a style-oriented event.

To add insult to injury, her hair stylist must of been someone who knows NOTHING about hair styling. Since when is this kind of FRIZZED Hair a fashion trend? Also, California has no humidity. For some of us here in NYC, we have to deal with it in Spring and pre-summer times. No excuse for that kind of hair. We wouldn’t be bowing or giving thumbs up for you Helena.