Tuesday, July 27, 2010

$100K jobs for the Executive Professional

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Sheriffs of Wall Street

These women are ready to regulate banking and finance into the next generation. They are determined to cleaning up the mess.

Mary Schapiro,SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, Chair

Mrs. Schapiro was picked by President Obama to be the Comission's Chair in 2008.
As part of her contributions, Mrs. Schapiro has started an in-house think tank to track risky investments and mysterious trading practices. She eliminated the comissions earned by SEC investigators before the start of a case or during the negotiation process. In April 2010, she approved to press charges on Goldman Sachs for alleged fraud charges. She has also enforced in-house rules by putting a notice to her staff that anyone caught viewing porn at work would be "subject to termination"

Elizabeth Warren, TARP Oversight Panel Chair

Her agency has pushed the Treasury to provide monthly reports, better investment returns and produce efforts to help out borrowers. She has been neglected by some Treasury officials in her efforts to maintain consistent in depth information from the Treasury. For instance, one official told her, "That's not what reports are supposed to look like." She asked "Why not?" The offical responded "The language is far too direct." Her idea to create a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency was recognized by President Obama, but overlooked by the US Chamber of Commerce. They pursued a spending strategy in order to defeat the proposal. So far, the strategy has had marginal success.

Sheila Bair, FDIC Chair

Bair has pushed her plan for foreclosure prevention, stopped the FDIC from taking all bank debt, and effectively bailed out unsecured bondholders. She warned the former CEO of Washington Mutual about risky loans which would cause massive foreclosures and depreciate homes. Washington Mutual's primary regulator responded to the situation by writing in an email "I cannot believe the continuing audacity of this woman." She also warned banks of the risky loans, but was received with hostility. Later in 2008, 25 banks were taken over by the FDIC, which included Washington Mutual.

Another reason not to wear stilettos- Pregnant Alicia Keys FALLS onstage

At the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Alicia Keys took a stumble as she performed "Love is Blind" in her monstrous high heels. She landed on her rear end and she and her unborn child were fine. She got up and continued on performing. Lesson learned: Leave the big heels at home when performing pregnant.