Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love your feet

While wishing you a “Happy Valentine’s Day"
Definitely indulge yourselfs in chocolates and gifts.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jewelry for shoes

Time to give your shoes a little love...

Shoeworthy shoe clips worthy of adorning your favorite shoes

Shoeworthy shoe clips were designed for anyone who wants to
enhance and embellish their shoes with beautiful, fashionable
shoe clips ~ clips that are Shoe-worthy.
Instantly create your own unique look.
Unlike shoe clips of the past, Shoeworthy clips are extremely
comfortable and will not damage your shoes.With Shoeworthy
you can add a variety of modern looks to any pair of shoes.
Shoeworthy shoe clips are made using quality beads & stones.
They can also be clipped onto hats, scarves and purses too!

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Add a pair of Shoeworthy shoe clips
and transform your shoes instantly!
sparkle shoe clip
white rhinestone bow

Check out these do it yourself jewelry clips for your shoes. This is a convenient way to adorn your plain shoes. Use it for different occasions.